Swiss Navy Silicone Lube 2 oz.

Swiss Navy Silicone Lube 2 oz.

Swiss Navy Silicone Lube is a long lasting lubricant with a velvety feel. The unique formula uses the highest grade silicone on the market and is hypo allergenic and non-absorbable. The singe hand pump provides an easy one-handed application in a ergonomic leak-proof bottle with locking pump.
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Manufacturer: M.d. Science Lab
Swiss Navy is the best! It has the best glide, the best durability, and my personal seal of approval! Honey, this lube is for you, and you know it!! --

Swiss Navy is my favorite because not only is it slick an soft but it's also amazing for shower play. Swiss offers a lube that won't strain your sheets or leave your support grease after. I'll be recommending forever! --

Swiss navy is a really great silicone lube! It's been around forever, and has been a favorite of my partners and I for many years! It stays Slippery, and it's just overall awesomeawesome! --

long lasting. best silicone lube out there --

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Swiss Navy Silicone Lube 16 oz.


Swiss Navy Silicone Lube 4 oz.


Swiss Navy Silicone Lube 8 oz.

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